Final Destination

I am on a train. My Poetry playlist is doing what it does; syncing with the sinking sun, blood-orange and blinding, which seems to peek from in between limbs of endless trees in time to the each and every beat. My heart is light, and my feet are (cheekily) perched beside my bottom upon my window seat. The sky is pale and streaked with remnants of plane-trails, blue blending into bruised peach, and I almost cannot breathe. 

I am in love. 

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Welcome to my Nkingdom

Bonjour! Nice to meet you. I am the Nkech behind nkw. 
The 'N' is silent.

There's plenty on the horizon, including a budding exhibition, a colouring book, some moving images and a collection of paintings ... But I thought I'd begin introductions. And, as I'm feeling rather nostalgic, I'll leave you with an old but gold; #hypocrites, All of me.



Stick around.

#NkingdomOfNkech - thank you for this nugget Sarah GM